The Eagle’s Nest


Eagle's Nest
The road leading from Obersalzberg (formerly Hitler's home and southern headquarters) to the Eagle's Nest parking lot is considered to be a feat of engineering. Perched at 1.834 m (6.017 ft), the building itself was a project of Martin Bormann's and given to Adolf Hitler for his 50th birthday as a teahouse for diplomats. The Eagle's Nest remained unscathed from the bombing of the Allied Forces during WWII. Since 1952 it has been open to the public as a mountain top restaurant with a spectacular view and is accessed only by special mountain buses from Obersalzberg. Due to its high elevation the Eagle's Nest is open in summer only, usually from about mid-May through October.








sea level  1834 m
construction period  1 year
lift  124 m
tunnel  124 m
panorama view  up to 200 km











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