bills of fare (excerption)

Open ham sandwich of cooked ham, garnished with pickled gherkin, tomatoes
Open ham sandwich with raw ham garnished
Big salad bowl various salad, yogurt dressing, and cooked ham stripes
Roast Pork with dumpling and cabbage
Breaded Pork cutlet with french fries
Pork loin an potatos with creamy pepper sauce, ganrished with salads
Scallop with creamy mushroom sauce, swabian noodles



Bier hell 0,5 l
Limo, Wasser 0,5 l
Soave, ital. Weißwein, DOC, 1/2 Flasche
Heuriger, Österreich, 0,25l


coffee and cake

Portion Kaffee
Portion Heiße Schokolade aus richtiger Milch
Apple, chees-, plum or chokolatcake




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